Please follow these steps to pair the app with your equipment and record your exercise:

  1. In case your fitness equipment is a Precor Spinner® Chrono™ Power make sure the Bluetooth pairing is enabled as demonstrated in this Youtube video.
  2. Also be sure to give bluetooth permission to the Track My Indoor Workout application when your handheld device asks for it.
  3. By default the app will scan automatically for exercise equipment right after start. If your equipment wasn’t ready for pairing during app start then on the start screen press the menu button, then the magnifying glass icon to start scanning again for supported equipment. The application looks for known bluetooth device names, in case of the Precor Spinner® Chrono™ Power that is “CHRONO” followed by a number and in case of Schwinn IC4, Schwinn IC8, and Bowflex C6 that name supposed to be “IC Bike”. If your device doesn’t show up please look at this workaround and report the fitness equipment and its name to me.
  4. Once the list of supported equipment is shown (if you have multiple around you there are more), please pick the one you’d like to connect to and press the play icon button at its row.
  5. You’ll be shuttled to the measurement screen and after a few seconds (with slower phones this can take 10+ seconds sometimes) the app should automatically start recording the activity and display the current measurements. If that doesn’t happen you can first try to press the bluetooth icon in the header or if that doesn’t help the play icon in the header.
  6. If you don’t see the play icon but only a stop icon that means the measurement is under way and the app should receive data. You should see readings and when you are pedaling the cadence plus power readings won’t be 0, your distance will advance. At the bottom you can see a visualization of how your GPS track points around the velodrome are advancing.
  7. If you click any of the measurement values / icons the track visualization will switch to a rolling graph with zone coloring. Note that any older phones (older than Android Oreo) these bottom visualizations are turned off. If your phone is a slower one then you can manually turn these off in the preferences.
  8. Once you are done with the activity press the stop icon. That will mark the activity finished. If you enable auto upload in the preferences then upload will happen as well if there’s a data connection.
  9. You can prepare for the activity upload to Strava by pressing the strava icon button on any screen. This action will shuttle you to a browser window briefly so you can log in to Strava thus the recording app will gain authorization for uploading. If the authentication and authorization was successful and you pressed the button on the measurement screen or on the activity list then the Strava upload will happen as well.
  10. Press the list icon to navigate to the activities view. Past activities recorded are listed in descending time order. If the activity was already uploaded then the Strava icon will be colored grey in its tile. You can push the Strava icon button to upload the particular activity to Strava.
  11. The down arrow icon lets you download the compressed TCX activity file. You can use that to upload the activity to other preferred platforms besides Strava.
  12. WARNING: the activities reside only on the particular device, they are not backed up to any central server. Unless you upload the activities to Strava or download them they could be lost if you uninstall the app, delete the app data, or if you delete the activity manually pressing the trash icon. Please keep that in mind and be careful.
  13. If you run into any issues please contact me, I’d like to improve the app and fix any bugs.