Track My Indoor Workout Application

Track My Indoor Workout is an application to record virtual workouts including all the important metrics (power meter reading, cadence sensor, spent calories, heart rate, speed, distance) while also adding emulated GPS routes. Workouts can be synced to Strava for persistence, or TCX files can be downloaded for ingestion into other ecosystems. One major motivation for the app was that some cycling oriented fitness challenges wouldn’t count virtual rides without GPS data plus the Wahoo app didn’t pick up the power meter and cadence readings.

The app calculates the GPS route based on the speed data and emulates circling laps on a running track (Hoover High School, to avoid any interference with Strava cycling segments and KOMs - running activities will be in a velodrome for the same reason). Currently the app supports the following fitness equipment:

  1. Precor Spinner® Chrono™ Power
  2. Schwinn IC4
  3. Schwinn IC8
  4. Bowflex C6
  5. CyclBar spinning studio’s Schwinn AC Performance Plus through the MPower Echelon2 console’s CSV workout file’s import.

Any other fitness equipment that users request and is accessible to the developer for integration analysis could possibly be targeted in the future. The fitness equipment has to support Bluetooth Low Energy protocols and either supply speed reading or distance data for the GPS emulation feature. The IC4 support is based on standard BLE GATT protocol so potentially any equipment which follows that can be easily integrated. Wahoo devices are good candidates as well since detailed specification is available.

For more technical details about the app and motivation behind it please see my personal blog.

Track My Indoor Workout Application

Smash Strava cycling challenges which require recorded GPS route as well!


Sensor readings

Capable of reading the power meter and the cadence sensors as well


Strava integration and TCX download

Capable of uploading the workout through Strava integration and offers TCX file download as well

If you enjoy the app and feel like donating

This is a hobby project.